Workflow digitalization for Everybody

Ataleo is a no-code tool to standardize, optimize and simplify workflows and make them interactive and intelligent as well as available on mobile devices. Raising the understandability, reduces the error rate and increase the quality and productivity. Ataleo automates the post processing of gained information and enables the integration of different SAAS in workflows.

Benefits & Features of Ataleo

Be understood

No need of long text messages to explain the details, with Ataleo it’s easier than ever to tell structured and detailed instructions.

Be in control

Control photos and videos enable you to recieve feedback on the quality of work done, and helps you to discover and correct misunderstandings.

Manage several people

You only have to explain a process once. The workflow you create is accessable for everyone who gets a link or a QR code.

Save time & reduce errors

You can create a workflow in 10 minutes and distribute it to over 50 people. The workflow can be updated any time to reduce errors.

Simplified communication

Ataleo workflows are structured by steps and activities, so the result is a clear, easy to understand process.

Integrated user interactions

Ataleo integrates user interactions, so besides explaining the process, the workflow can contain tasks that the user has to perform.

Graphical interface

Ataleo enables you to create your own workflow processes by using a graphical workflow builder. You don’t have to code anything.

Process automation

Ataleo has built-in post-processes to edit and send the data to the cloud / to a specific person in e-mail.

User manuals

  • Ataleo enables users to create their own workflows quickly by using a graphical workflow builder.

  • The user can choose from a variety of building blocks (“activities” and “actions”) performed on a mobile device and/or in the cloud combining text, photo, video and user interaction.

  • Ataleo makes all the capabilities of the best optimized device for user interaction, a mobile phone, available for users within a workflow.  

While hardcopies of user manuals have text and photos only and are most likely not easy to understand, a single video is much too long to remember and to find the required information quickly. They have no direct way for getting support and both are outdated right after they were published. Apps usually have one functionality and need development skills, need to be updated concurrently and requires registration to App stores. 

How does it work

Graphical workflow builder

To digitalize your work Ataleo provides a set of building blocks, performed on a mobile device and/or in the cloud combining text, photo, video and user interaction.

Phone_Mockup copy
Mobile App

The mobile app guides a user through the workflow and makes available all the capabilities of a mobile phone, the best optimized device for user interaction.

The result

The data created are uploaded to the cloud and postprocessed.

See the app in action!

Try Ataleo and learn how the process works by checking our own user manual!

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Who we are

Ataleo is an Austrian based startup, founded in 2021.

We are a team of about 10 experts in coding, front-, backend-, databank experts, marketing, finance, business development lead by a serial founder.

“We strive to become the primary technology platform for user interactive business process management via mobile device.”

Start using Ataleo today!

If you have a microsoft account e.g. for office 365, or if you registered your windows, you can immediately start using Ataleo.